cesar_ruiz's Journal

Cesar Ruiz
Hey, you profile lurker.Let me just say a few things about myself before you discuss with me.

I am a guy that tries makes it through life without complaining. Life has it’s ups and downs, and I just learn to try and accept that fact. I call myself an optimistic individual, and I really enjoy making new friends and helping them out with whatever needs completion. You must notice that I am human, however, and I do not enjoy talking to everyone all the time. There will be times where I do not want to be social and like to think to myself. Then again there are times where I really enjoy talking to others and sharing ideas and interests to old and new friends alike. I can’t help but offer assistance to those who need it, which I guess gave everyone the idea to tell me that I am a great friend.

- I love anything involved with military, whether it's guns, blades, equipment, etiquette and tactics.

- I am serious and fun at the same time. This point is very important to know.

- I have a tendancy to rant about things that pop into mind when I am editing my profile

- I am a natural leader, so I get pissed off if people tell me what to do. I apologize if you're being nice.

- I am a nice person. :D