Just thought i'd let you all know...
 I am contemplating on scrapping my zombie story. 

That is all.

To Any One Out There Who Can Listen... PART 8
 Paul lifted his arm up to cover his face he was dazzled by the bright spotlight that shone down on him. His eyes forced to a squint as he looked up. Miles merely looked in a different direction, his eyes seemed to be distracted all of a  sudden.

"ARE YOU CARRIERS?" The man blasted through the microphone, he had a slight irish tint to his british accent.


He hesitated, then the heavy iron gates swung open. Slowly, as not to cause any noise. London was exactly the same on the inside - apart from the fact there were no corpses.

Three guards stood there, clad head to toe in Riot gear. Carrying large assault rifles. All of them were frowning, expressions of hatred on their faces.

"Come with us."

The rain began to hit hard. The men in riot gear were forced to wipe the drops away from the face-shields of their armour. And the sky over them was a depressing grey. The men, the military, the government - or whoever they were, couldn't care less for the state of their captives.

"You, this way." He motioned to miles. Leading him into a courtyard. Before Paul could protest, he was shoveled in to a small, office-like building.

"What're yo-" He began to inquire, but the man merely slammed the door on Paul. Leaving him in complete darkness.

The sound of a gunshot broke it.
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To Any One Out There Who Can Listen... PART 7
 They came to the stronghold that had been built with surprising quality. The walls towered over them as they pulled the car up to the outside. Flicking pistols from their holders and grasping them at the ready.

At that moment, Paul felt the familiar feeling of doubt at the back of his head. "You sure about this?"

Miles smiled half-heartedly at Paul. "No, of course not."

Paul stifled a bitter chuckle. The walls were made out of reinforced steel, the rain hitting it harshly. Both of the men's clothes had become soaked, but neither had the capacity to care anymore.

Miles grunted as an infected hit him from behind, it looked like death. Barely any meat at all hung from it's bones. It was probably close to starvation, none the less, Miles pumped a bullet into it's head.

Paul raised a brow, then nodded. Moving around the barrier, they came to a heavy set of iron gates with a spotlight on it.

"Let us in!" Paul shouted, "We're not infected!"

To Any One Out There Who Can Listen... PART 6
( Okay so it's gotten kind of boring to write only dialogue so this section will be an actual story. Also to prove that i can write more than just dialogue)

Miles and Paul sat in the car. The rain was beating down on the window, each drop sounding like thundering footsteps of the tallest giants you could imagine to the two men. They sat in complete, dreading silence. The streets around them shared this stillness. Not a man or woman moved, not even an infected stirred.

Miles was a tall man, a slim build wearing the white T-Shirt and loose, factory-torn jeans (Both covered in dirt, mud and infected blood.) that suited his thin figure. His hair was short and bright blonde. His eyes are a piercing, deep green. He's the kind of guy that, if he wasn't in this situation, you could guess would be wearing a sly smirk on his face most of the time.

Paul wore a brown, leather jacket, with a dirt stained "Midnight Riders" t-shirt underneath. He was about half a foot smaller than Miles, and his frame was more stocky. His hair was a dark brown. Stubble matted his chin suitingly, and his hair was of medium length. Running down to his ears, it is scruffy and unkempt, dirty from the constant toils of living in an insane world. His eyes were an odd shade of yellow.

It was Miles, the usually optimistic man with a typical british accent, who broke the silence, forcing a smile painfully onto his lips. "Nice weather, ain't it."

Paul, who wasn't even sure if he was sane anymore, let out a loud laugh. "Yup. That's britain for you."

"Good ol' gray London." Miles repeated to himself. A sad smile coming to his face, knowing this may be the last time he sees the great city.

The rain seemed to stop for now. Only the gentle hrr of the engine, who had gone through alot of abuse, kept them from being in total silence.

"You realise there's a good chance they'll think we're carriers, right?" Miles asked.

"Carriers? The hell are those?" Paul inquired, worry showing through in his tone.

"Gah shit. Why do I have to be the one to tell the kids there's no santa claus?" Miles cursed, "Carriers are people who are immune, but can still carry the infection. They were shooting them down at the evac stations."

Paul went silent, and the rain began to hit the window screen hard again. "I was half expecting to come here to die, anyway." He eventually said. His tone felt defeated and world-weary. And he shot a look at Miles with his golden eyes. "It wouldn't make any difference."

Miles sat there, driving the car. A sudden, sickening mixture of sadness, dread, and loss arose in his stomach. He shook his head, sighing deeply.

I'm a carrier.

To Any One Out There Who Can Listen... PART 5

Finally got some gas, damn tired - but each night we've had more and more of the zombies after us. We're going to head to London today. The food's running out, let's just hope to god we can make it there in one piece.



Decided to rest at thorpe park. We're both too damn tired to go on any further. Barely any infected here, and i'm not surprised. I honestly doubt that people had the time to come to an amusement park when they were hurling their guts out.

We'll... We'll just carry on tomorrow, no infected here.

You okay miles?

Y-Yeah, fine. Just fine. Tired, though. I havn't slept in days.

Mhm, me neither. Let's get some rest.


Woke up at about four, couldn't get back to sleep.

This whole "Apocalypse" thing is getting to me. Sure, I was able to just join the ride on the way to London. But every mile we go on just fills me with dread.

How the f*** are we going to manage this? Even if we do find a settlement, and we're immune to the virus, can we still carry it? Will they shoot us on site?

Shit, shit, shit. I ain't ready to die! This... This is so screwed up...



We're in Hammersmith, hiding under the protection of the trees in Ravenscourt Park, suprise, suprise, the car broke down again, just a minor issue with the engine. Miles told me he knows how to fix it.

Getting worried about him. He seems... Different, I never thought I'd miss the guy's constant optimism.

The Army really hit the fan here, you can tell. Corpses everywhere, Miles says that they're holding up right next to the river.

The walls the government built are like a triangle, he says. Going from Vauxhall, to Paddington, to Bethnal green, then back to Vauxhall again.

Going to try and make contact tomorrow. If this is my last diary entry, I...

My mind just went blank... Wow. I can't think of jack to say.

Mind if I but in?

Sure, man. It's all yours.

Right, thanks mate.

I never thought we'd make it this far, the old world. The world before everything got twisted upside down. The world where we could run free, without a worry or care apart from bills and the occasional criminal.

*A bitter laughter can be heard.* Ha, bills. How stupid and trivial those things seem now. *The laughter begins to break into slow, heavy sobbing.*

Come on, man. Pull yourself together.

My name is Paul Robinson, and. If you find this, I hope to god that you fare better than I did.


(( Don't worry, it's not over...))

The Person I was, compared to the person I am now
Cesar Ruiz

Mr. Stock

English 2 honors P.6

2 Nov 2010
The Person I was, compared to the person I am now

If someone were to look at me today and look at me from three years ago one could say I was a completely different person. I’ve changed

and grown a lot in the past couple of years. When I was about twelve or thirteen I was just a regular behind the scenes shy guy. I had only a

couple of close few friends and I just mostly kept to myself most of the time. Now I have many friends and even more closer friends.

Most of the time I spent as a kid was playing soccer or videogames. I wasn’t really school focused at all as I didn’t think school mattered as

much. Right now I don’t think I could ever have that type of lifestyle anymore. I still love soccer and I play video games but, an important factor

in my life and something that I think determines if I will be successful or not is school. Reality hit me when I realized how important school

was. I don’t really know what got me into starting to get more interested in school but if I had to guess it would be the class ranking system.

Also my whole family had pushed me to be ranked one so after that I have been focused in that area. I have always been a competitive

person that’s one thing that hasn’t changed about me. So even as a kid I have always strived to be the best I could be.

Also as a kid I was kind of narrow minded. I used to only see things one way. Also I was also kind of gullible. I thought that whatever people

say to me then it must be true. So you could say I was kind of naïve as a kid. So now that I am older I don’t always believe things people tell

me unless I know for a fact if its true or not and I am more accepting and try to see things from various perspectives.

Life three years ago was okay but I felt like I needed more purpose. I didn’t want to be just some other person in the crowd. I wanted to be

the person the crowd was gathered around. So I tried to get myself out there. I became more social, I became more competitive school

wise, and I started being more optimistic. I made lots of friends, discovered how “smart” I was in school and believed in myself. Still even

though I changed a bit, you must notice that I am human, however, and I do not enjoy talking to everyone all the time. There will still be times

where I don’t want to be social and sometimes would like to think to myself just like I did all the time years ago. So to summarize my life as if

were portrayed as a cycle of the day it would of started as a cloudy gloomy day. As the day went on the sun broke out and filled the world with

light. As for the future clear skies await. And whoever is positive will make others positive as well. Those who have guts and determination will

always strive for success.

To Any One Out There Who Can Listen... PART 4

We're still at the service station, it's my turn to guard whilst grumpy-boy sleeps.

He's been disheartened all day and he's such a damn pessimist. Though he's a nice enough bloke once you get to know him. I've noticed a really, really sad look in his eyes every now and then, like he's remembering something, or someone.

I lost people, too. My parents were fortunate enough to have died before this mess. But I... Lost a lot of friends.

Still, I'll be seeing them in the next life. Now we just have to either focus on surviving, or finding away to end it if things get rough.



Nearly got strangled and suffocated today. Some freaky-ass zombie guy with long arms and legs, wrapped them around my body and neck. Nearly suffocated me with it's arms.

I'm calling them frogs.

Don't leave out the part where I saved you!

*A sigh can be heard.* And yes, then he saved me.

We still haven't found any cars that work, and the food supply is beginning to dwindle. I mean, sure. There's a good amount, but it'll last us a few weeks, maybe a month if we ration it.


Still no cars that are working, we're checking the highway. Can't stay out there too long, zombies there are very curious, when we've put down about ten we come back in before more start swarming us.

We also found a radio and put a signal out, the only person it reached was some guy who was obviously infected.

He could barely speak, poor guy. I turned off the radio before I became too depresed.

So, Miles.


How did you get to my once-humble little town anyway?

Well, I was evacuated from Wereham to a station about eleven miles from there. Eventually, the place got overran and I had to go to your town. Damn lucky I found you, to be honest. Probably wouldn't of made this journey without you.

Miles? Being humble? Tell me i'm dreaming.

*You hear the sound of laughter.* Hey! I can be humble when I want to. I'm not a complete ♥♥♥.

Well, I'm glad I found you as well. As much as I don't want to admit it.

That's a lie.

What, being glad about me finding you, or not wanting to admit it?

The latter.

Perhaps, perhaps.


To Any One Out There Who Can Listen... PART 3

Miles is sea sick.

I am no-

*The sound of throwing up can be heard.*

We've been out at sea for a few days, managed to stock up on some food on the way there. Let me tell you, plastic bags with food in 'em are easier to carry than gas canisters.

Y-You can say that again, oh god...

*The sound of footsteps indicates that the holder of the tape is going to another part of the ship so that the entire tape isn't filled with throwing up noises.*

*In the Distance* All right... I-I'll just... stay here...

Anyway, it's peaceful out here. No infected, we've ran into a few storms but nothing major. Once we hit Swanage beach, we'll head to a supermarket and hold out there. Then we'll find some more gas and get a car running.

*In the distance still.* I'm driving!

Like hell you are, if you can't keep your stomach on a boat...



We hit swanage beach yesterday. Wasn't much left, had to take out one or two - like Miles said, they were mostly starved.

Told you.

Shush. Anyway - we're camping out in the Co-operative. There's plenty of food there, and i'm thanking every god that I know of that the power is still on. The shelves make good barricades, too.

We're going to see if we can find any gas afterwards. If not, we'll have to see if we can get one of the trains running, if there -are- any stationed there.

What if the safe-zone at London isn't there?

Then we go there to die.

*There is a silence, before the tape is switched off.*


Looking around here, I can see CEDA didn't do jack Sh**.

I second that, they're damn pathetic, is what they are.

There weren't any gas can's lying about, however we're searching the unactive cars for spare canisters, and filling up our own by extracting the petrol from the engines.

It's harder than it looks, trust me.

We're making some headway, though. Even though we could probably get to london on maybe one, two canisters, we'd rather be cautious than dead.

We also went into the local doctors and got some medical supplies for london.

Let's just hope there's still some form of civilization left...



*There's the typical sound of a car starting.*

Hah! Miles you beautiful son of a gun! You got it working!

Shh, not too loud. I know most of the infected here have died of starvation, but we still don't need anything getting attracted to us.

I know, but this'd be a good chance. We should get going.

Right! London, here we come!



Decided to rest for the night in a clearing in some woodland. This is desolate from civilization, but there's still a chance, so we're taking turns guarding and sleeping. It's my turn.

Miles is really an upper, i've got to say that. Got on my nerves, at first. But he's starting to become like a brother to me.

Still, i'm worried about him. He seems... different. I can't explain it.

Reminds me of the time before the Change, before the world went insane.

God, I miss her...


Had to stop at a service station, the car broke down after one of those damn bulls rushed at it. Thank god it didn't hit the side we were on. Otherwise we would've been crushed.

Well, at least there's plenty of cars we can try here...



Well, yeah. I suppose, but a few gas canisters got destroyed, or ruined.

We've salvaged enough, stop being such a pessemist.

Fine. Let's... Let's just look for a car that actually works. We can get some food, too. I haven't eaten in a day and a half.

To Anyone Out There Who Can Listen...Part 2


We hit the docks, but it seems like there's a ton of infected there, nearly got rammed by a big guy, had one big arm and one that was just floating behind him. Going to call them "Bulls."

But I saved the day, and-

Stop lying, he just ran off the dock!

If you hadn't heard me call out, then he would've snapped your back like a twig!

Right, right. Anyway. There's a boat here and we're going scavenging to a local gas station later on today to see if there's anything we can use to power the thing.



We got to the gas station, got enough fuel for the boat - but there's the problem of carrying them to the boat - the gas station was only a few dozen yards away, but the distance to the boat is a good half a mile, and we have about 10 canisters of the stuff.

So, I. Being the Genius that I am, came up with a plan. Every night, we'll sneak out and hide one or two gas cans somewhere on the ship.

For once, I think your right.

Aren't I always?

Suuuure you are.



It wasn't easy, but we've managed to get enough gas tanks in there,

All thanks to me, of course.

Could you stop interrupting?

Fine, fine. Sorry.

Anyway...  I managed to get a world map and a compass, my father used to take me out on his own boat - let me drive it at sometimes. So I know how it works, and how to navigate.

We're going to be heading to Swanage - just off the coast of dorset. Lovely little town, about a three hour drive from London

Gonna have to find a car, of course.

Hey, if we found enough gas for a boat, then we can find enough to fuel a car. Don't worry.

Wait a minute, swanage. Wasn't that one of the first towns to be hit by the infection?

...Yes... But hopefully most of the zombies would've died from starvation by then.

Well, i've never seen any of them eat people, or any bite marks on corpses.

That's the spirit!

Your painfully optimistic, aren't you?

Your point?

We're in a Zombie apocalypse. I don't know how you manage it.


To Anyone Out There Who Can Listen...


Journal entry 1

The streets are going crazy, police has been removed. People say that they're gonna save us, gonna find a cure soon. My Grandma fell ill yesterday, ah she's the only thing I’ve got left after Ella went, not after..




Riots have started. People are barricading their homes. Waiting for "Official Instructions." You know what I think? Army’s given up on us. Who could blame them? Everyone's either dropping dead or turning insane. I had to kill someone yesterday; he nearly tore my throat out.

Beat him to death with a baseball bat.

Been wondering if I was infected for a few days now. I don't... I don't feel sick..



Journal Entry Three.

I have heard they're evacuating people. This is all going crazy. Something out of a movie. I really couldn't blame them. I... I've lost track of time. Am I going crazy? Everyone's dead or turned, Paul, Jessie, Edward, Kat...


My o.. o.. only...

*The sound of sobbing is broken by a FFFRRZT


Journal entry four.

I've decided to stop trying to keep track of time; sure I can differentiate between day and night. That's all I need, found a pistol - never been an expert on guns. Seems like there's about six rounds in it left. The zombies out there still haven’t noticed me; I think I’m going to make a break for it. Running out of food - there's a shopping mall east of here; I’ll find somewhere there to hold up. I haven’t been outside in weeks. I wonder if anyone's still alive.


Journal entry five.

*Extremely tired. Or perhaps wounded.

S-Seems like the government has... Abandoned us after all...... I got to the shopping mall. Holding up in one of the food stores there. Only got one round left in my pistol.

Decided to save it for myself.

Killing these... things seems like nothing now. Am I going crazy? Or was I born a psychopath? I should feel guiltier, when they hit the floor - if I look into their eyes, I can see some of their humanity...

It makes me sick to my stomach.



Journal entry six.

Had to evacuate the food store. Not many people are left - there're corpses everywhere. Are they starved? Or does the infection just kill? There's evidence of looting everywhere, all the windows are smashed. An alarm went off, I had to duck and cover - seems these things get angry by noise.

I haven’t been infected yet, and I’m starting to wander if it's a curse of a blessing.

That bullet seems mighty appealing now.


You search the box, finding the next tape.


Got wounded, pretty deep cut on my left arm. One of those charging ones pinned me to the floor.

Christ, I just thought the way things used to be, seems like worlds away now.

Loosing blood... Need some bandages, there's a safe room near here. One of those points that the government set up instead of finding the damn cure.

There should be some medical supplies there.



You know what I just realized? I haven’t slept in days. I found the safe room, was outside of the mall. Near the docks - good, thick metal doors. I'll stay here for a few days. There's enough food and water.



I slept like a log, I’m sure I would've had nightmares if I wasn't falling asleep as I walked to this room. Thank god for sofas, I haven’t sat on a sofa in ages.

Oh, and guns. Thank god for that, too.

Never been a religious person, but I’m starting to thank god for everything. Divine intervention seems like the only thing that's keeping me alive. Would make more sense than this whole damned infection mess.




Someone's trying to get in. Or something, I can hear it pounding on the doors, yelling something. But I can't hear what they're saying through the thick metal. I don't know whether or not they're infected.

Or Immune, like me?

Am I immune? I can't hear what it's saying, I don't even know if it's trying to say anything, or just yelling the twisted gibberish that most of these infected things use.



A human! Dear god, A HUMAN! I decided to risk it, and let it in. I haven’t seen a human since the change...Here; I'll pass the recorder to him.

*His voice seems exited and ecstatic, there is a few ruffled noises, before a British accent comes on.*

Testing, testing, one two three. Hello there! My name is Miles, odd name. I know. If this gets to anyone, I’m about six foot, brown hair, and gaunt face. Just so you get the statue of hon…


*There is a few moments of ruffling.*

Did I mention he was also a bit full of himself?

*There is a faint laugh heard.*

Anyway, he's got a good few guns with him, loaded with ammo. We're going to head to the docks tomorrow, see if we can find a boat to carry us to England, then to London. There’s supposed to be a safe city there. It'll be a long journey, but better than rotting in this hellhole.



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